One of my businesses does a lot of shipping.  And most of the items shipped are less than 1 pound.

If you are looking to ship items that are less than 1 pound, then you should highly consider shipping with US Mail First Class.

Many people dislike the mail for any number of reasons.  I am not one of them.

I love the mail because I can ship anything under a pound for less money and faster shipping times than any of the competition.

Anything through 8 ounces is $2.60.  Try shipping something with UPS or Fedex for $2.60.  They have options for it, sure, but I guarantee you it will cost you significantly more as well as take an extra day or two.

Through my different businesses over the years I have shipped tens of thousands of packages with the US Mail  I can count on one hand how many have been lost.  And it happens for me just as much with UPS and Fedex.