People are always trying to predict the market.  What’s going up, what’s going down, etc.

Most of us have been wrong much more than we’ve been right.  After all, it is predicting the future.

With the country facing some major changes as Trump takes over in January, there has been extra prediction on how the market would do.  Case in point, people thought the market would tank if he was elected.  Then, it surged.

In general, we are not good at predicting the future.

Hopefully you are following my guide and investing every month – out of sight, out of mind.  If you’re not – please start.

The reason I suggest this (and most investment type people) is for the very reason that we suck at predicting the future.  The only right prediction is that we will be wrong.

Trying to time the market has lost people a whole lot more money than it has ever gained people.  Please do not try and time the market.  You’ll wish you hadn’t.

This post in in conjunction with a video I did earlier today.