It’s important to protect your personal assets from any business risks.

What I mean is if you get sued, what can they get?  Is it your business or is it your house?

I suggest using an LLC for any business dealings.  You can get them setup quickly, easily, and for not much money.  I suggest Delaware LLCs because they are cheaper with better protection.

An LLC is legal entity.  It collects money. Not you.  It stands for Limited Liability Company.

As the name implies it limits the liability of the members (owners).

Make sure you put everything business related in the LLC.  Bank accounts, credit cards, sales documents, etc.

If anyone ever gets litigation hungry, the most they can get in most cases is the business assets.

If you do everything in your name, then if they sue they can take almost anything with your name on it.  Including cars, houses, and savings accounts.

So please, use an LLC when doing business to protect yourself.

I also have a video to this same extent embedded on this page