I think so often in life people care what strangers think about them.

Do I care what my wife thinks?  Yes.  Do I care what my parents think?  Not really.  I care about their feelings and their well being.  But do I care if they think I’m crazy for a business choice I make?  No.

In fact I’ve always been seen as an underdog and I have to say that I’m pretty comfortable in that position.

Business and money are long term plays.  You have to follow you gut as the world evolves.  You will fail. Sure.  I’ve failed many more times than I’ve succeed in business.

But yet, here I am.   Working from home with several successful businesses giving my family and I a pretty comfortable life.

Has everyone believed in me in the business choices I’ve made over the years?  No way.  I have been wrong so many times.

The key is just to make sure that the value of the times you’re right outweighs the value of the times you were wrong.