Welcome to Car Talk. This is not talking about cars. This is talking inside of a car. Today’s topic is about word-of-mouth advertising. Now, there’s nothing new about word-of-mouth. It has been a important form of advertising for generations, maybe centuries. Word-of-mouth has not come as a new thing. It is not going away. What has changed is the impact and the reach of a single person of word-of-mouth advertising. Picture your parents, your grandparent’s age, your great-grandparent’s age. If they had a fantastic or a horrible experience at a certain establishment, restaurant, business, car mechanic, carriage maker, whatever the case would be. If they had a horrible or a fantastic experience, what was the realistic reach of who they could tell about it?

Maybe, if they worked hard ever day, all day, maybe a thousand people in their life and that’s if they dedicated their life to it. Fast forward to , you can reach a thousand people in seconds if you have a good enough reach, if a post goes viral, you can reach millions and millions of people. So, word-of-mouth is more important than it has ever been. And even though there is technology evolving, and bots, and drone deliveries, and all of these things, AR, VR, all these things coming in. Word-of-mouth is going to be important for, I’m not going to say forever, but for the foreseeable future, because people’s reach has only increased. So, your ability to reach more people, or more importantly the customer’s ability to reach more people about their experience is the highest it has ever been.

And whether they’re posting something on, some review somewhere, a Facebook post, a Twitter thing, a tweet, something on their Snapchat story. Whatever it is, these things can gain exposure and momentum and snowball. And, before you know it, the next day, so someone has a bad experience, this happens all the time with airlines. They got a big publicity problem it seems like. Someone has a bad experience, gets bumped off their seat. What do you know? Someone videos it. The next day, it has six million views on, excuse me, on YouTube and Facebook. That’s because of the reach of these things. years ago, if you had a bad experience on a plane, one, no one had a phone with you. Two, no one could tweet about it, Facebook post it, put a picture on Instagram, no one could do those things. And three, the reach wasn’t the same thing. Now, the game has changed and it is never going back to the way it used to be. Word-of-mouth, positive and negative is more powerful than it has ever been in human history.

If you wanna have a business succeed and especially have a business succeed long-term, you’re gonna wanna remember that. On the earbud business, TFD Supplies, the lowest, unbeatable prices on earbuds, cents each. Many customers are repeat. Many are referral. It is growing organically and virally and sales this year are gonna be up % at least, over last year. Moved probably , earbuds a day. And, this is just the way things work, because it is a good value, a good price, a good selection, these things all contribute to word-of-mouth. People post things and tag things and tell their friends, and a lot of people have circles with similar interests and similar jobs and responsibilities. So, if you can get in good with one group, it’s gonna help your chances significantly of getting bigger with the rest of the group. So, that is why word-of-mouth advertising is as important now as it has ever been in human history and it’s only gonna get more important because people’s reach has never been higher than it is today. Car Talk, Tyler Douthitt.