Welcome to Car Talk. This is not talking about cars. This is talking inside of a car. Today’s topic is about making the conscious choice, conscious decision, to do what it takes to succeed. Now what I mean, last night, yesterday, was a traveling day. I traveled to New Orleans on Sunday, came back yesterday, and for a big principals conference, stir up some business or networking type thing, came back last night, picked up the kids early. Were gonna wait til this morning to get ’em, instead got ’em last night.

And of course that was the night after a long couple of days and they decide to not sleep very well. So I have to make the conscious decision on how I’m going to react. I normally get up : in the work days, the weekdays. And normally we’re asleep : to : , which for me is a functional amount of sleep. For some need more, some need less, different discussion. But last night was more like a o’clock night, which is later than normal, and for some reason my son who rarely cries overnight cried a little bit, and my daughter who always sleeps like a champ tried two times to get up thinking it was morning overnight, who knows. So anyway, didn’t sleep very well, so then 5:00 rolls around, and I have to make the conscious decision am I going to sleep in an hour, two hours?

Am I going to get up and crank on anyway? And I had to make the conscious decision to realize that you have to put in the work if you want to get ahead and continue to grow and succeed. And deciding to sleep in a couple extra hours for no real good reason is not the path that oftentimes leads to success, and you have to make that conscious decision on what you’re gonna do. Are you gonna do what it takes, or are you gonna not? Because some people are going to decide to sleep in an extra hour or two or take a day off, and some people are not. And I can’t judge either one, but do what’s right for you.

What I am here to say is that those decisions have consequences, and it allows you to push farther ahead or to not push as far ahead. And that’s a consequence of that decision that you make consciously decide am I gonna get up and push through this or am I gonna sleep in and not. That’s a choice you have to make. Every person has to make that because we’re all gonna have a night or couple nights one in awhile where you get to bed late, you don’t sleep right overnight, all these things happen in life and that’s reality of life. And how people handle those challenges and hurdles is a big factor in how far they are going to go in their career or in their business.

That’s just reality also, is that it takes work and if you decide to take a half day and do all this and decide to sleep in unexpectedly, all these things happen, these choices often have consequences. So you have to remember that when you decide how you get up, when you get up, what you do, and how you handle these hurdles that life throws at you. And that is my talk on if you are willing to do what it takes to succeed with conscious decisions and conscious choices. Car Talk, Tyler Douthitt.