Welcome to car talk. This is not talking about cars. This is talking inside of a car. Today’s topic is why you should be podcasting. For anyone that doesn’t know, podcasting is pretty much a series of audio clips that people listen to. You can post it and people could listen. It’s not unlike the way sharing of text, images and video work except it’s strictly audio. The reason you should be podcasting is in the next five or so years, it’s gonna be making continual gains, importance on attention on how much people are gonna be thinking and looking about it.

That is because podcasting in itself was popular in the early, mid s then as everyone ended up with an HD camera in their pocket / , video became a more hip kind of median, medium because everybody could do it just like this. People could do it but now, people are realizing again how important time is, how important multitasking is and things like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, all these different things that are gonna allow you with a voice command anywhere inside your house to listen to something and now, many of you might listen to a podcast, maybe even my own that you highlighted off a channel on SoundCloud or iTunes. Maybe you listen to someone else, someone like, me personally, I listen to Gary Vee a lot. I listen to Andy Frisella a lot and I do that while I’m working and I listen, I multitask while I’m doing my regular job work answering emails, things like that, typing a bunch of stuff which is a lot of what I do these days.

I can listen to these other, more successful, more influential business people and their ideas and it can help feed me. I can consume that content. Now, you might love sports. You might love different things, movies, whatever it is. There’s already podcasts of interest to you which you can listen to for free with SoundCloud. So you need to be in the podcasting market. If you have a business, if you have a personal brand, if you’re looking just to entertain or inform, you should be in the podcasting market. Interestingly enough, you can still use your phone to podcast things like this. This is recorded on my phone in the car while driving. Notice, hands free so I’m not doing anything illegal or anything dangerous. Pretty much just talking. I hit Start before I start moving.

Things like this, there are free tools online to strip audio out of YouTube clips. So you can take your video such as this, upload it to YouTube, run it through, you can just look for, do a Google search for extract audio from YouTube or something like that and then you can pull the audio out and sign up for a free SoundCloud account and upload the audio to there. Just like that, you’re podcasting. You don’t have to spend any money to get going. There are limits on what you can do for free. That is the case, yes. I have a membership there so I can do things more quickly, more content but if you’re just getting started, you can do it for free.

It does not cost you a penny out of your pocket to start podcasting. It does cost you time but like many things in life and many things in business, the early adopters, the early entries are the ones that are gonna reap the long-term rewards. So in five years from now when everybody’s listening to audio, everyone’s saying, hey, Google, play me the Tyler Douthitt podcast, hey, Siri, play this, hey, Amazon, play this, when that’s happening and that’s commonplace, now it’s a novelty, when it’s commonplace and everyone’s doing it, don’t you wanna be the one with an established following and the attention and the ability to capitalize on that explosion of users and attention and eardrums listening for what you have to say of interest to them? I think so and that’s why everybody should be podcasting if you have a brand, have a business, have a personal brand, think you’re interesting, anything. There’s no barrier to entry. There’s no barrier to entry ’cause everybody can do it and it doesn’t cost you a penny to get started.

So I suggest you do it if you’re good. Good ones like anything else rise to the top. Bad ones don’t. That’s a reality. You can polish a turd, it’s still a turd. You can polish a diamond and it sparkles like crazy but you’ll never know unless you start. You’ll never know unless you start. So in summary, you should be podcasting. You can use the video on your phone, upload to YouTube, do a free audio extraction tool to pull the audio out of that, upload to your new, free SoundCloud account and that is why you should be podcasting. Car talk, Tyler Douthitt.