Welcome to car talk. This is not talking about cars. This is talking inside of a car. Today’s topic is about the growth mentality. I have realized, as I’ve gotten older, and read different kinds of articles, and listened to podcasts by other successful entrepreneurs, I have realized that I have a growth mentality. I never really could identify it before, because I didn’t even know what it was. But I’ve realized, for as long as I can remember, that no matter what was going on in my life, as far as business, success or not, I was always looking for more things, all the time. All the time, looking for more things. And even now, having finally a taste of some of the fruits of the success of the business, I’ve found myself just wanting more, all the time. And, I’ve come to realize that, it used to be about the money, and I hear people say this all the time, listen to Andy Frisella a lot, and Gary V., that when you start down this path it’s often about the money, then as time goes by you realize it was never really about that, because that’s not what’s gonna fulfill you. And now that money’s become much easier in my life, I realize that it’s not that at all.

It’s the growth mentality. Growing something. Growing something, from nothing to something. From something to something bigger. Starting a new thing, growing an existing thing, the growth mentality is what I have. It’s who I am, and at times in my past I’ve tried to fight it. It hasn’t gotten me anywhere, because I’m trying to fight who I am, versus harness who I am, and is a big difference in that ideology. If you harness who you are, it allows you to be yourself, and the good byproducts of that along the way, the growth mentality, people tend to be somewhat successful in business, if they’re willing to pair that with working hard. And, you’re always looking for something new, something bigger, something better, and then you realize after a while that the money is a byproduct of just trying to fulfill that need in your personality. And, people, all different kinds of personalities, different wants, desires, people love certain things, people hate certain things. And when you try to fight who you are, all it does is make your life difficult, and the lives of those around you difficult. Whereas if you can be yourself, and harness yourself, you can oftentimes have a great source of things. So I’ve come to realize now that as my life’s gotten easier, and I do make a decent amount of money, that it probably was never about the money.

It was about being able to fulfill my need to grow something. And, it’s a growth mentality. I doubt it’s ever gonna go away. And I think whatever stage I’m at in my life, I think I’m gonna feel that need in my heart, and my head, to grow something, either bigger, or from nothing to something. I don’t know if it’s ever gonna go away. Maybe it will, people change over time. Maybe I’ll be and think, I’m tired of this stuff. I just wanna sit and relax, and read a paper, watch TV. Live life in VR. Whatever the case may be. I might realize that as I get older, because people change all the time. And what was how you wanted to live when you were , might not be how you wanna live when you’re 50.

And that’s perfectly okay. But trying to fight who you are, and who you wanna be, is different. Because who you wanna be is not the same as who you are, oftentimes. But fighting who you are is difficult. It’s a difficult path. And, people can change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Sometimes not really either way. But, identifying that growth mentality in myself, and being able to let that run, and let the byproducts fall where they may, has made me a lot happier. Karen, my wife, a lot happier. And allowed us to enjoy more of a lifestyle of what we wanted, because it’s no longer looking for money. It’s about the feeling of the growth. And, I have felt it for as long as I can remember, but now I actually know what it is, and I can identify that in myself, as a part of my personality, and as Gary V. would say, being a self-aware is a extremely useful thing to have in your life. And I am now very self aware that I have a growth mentality, and trying to fight that is gonna make me unhappy. And, letting that thrive and run, is going to allow me to impact people’s lives, myself, my circle, strangers, in a positive way, because once it’s no longer about the money, it allows you to really fulfill that need to grow, and the money is just a byproduct of the results of being yourself in that growth mentality. Very insightful day for myself today. Self aware. Car talk, Tyler Douthitt.