Now with 2 employees and my first work day of the new year, seemed like a good time to let people know where the business is and what my vision for 2018 is.

It’s the first ever all hands on meeting of TFD Supplies, I’m Tyler Douthitt, I’m doing this today. One, first work day of the year.

Two, the first day of Josh, a new employee. Say hi, Josh. – [Josh] Hi. – And he’s behind the camera right now. And I just wanted to go over some things because kinda have a vision for 2018 and to get kind of on the record with anything you guys might have for questions or for myself as this is continued new charted territory for me with multiple employees going on. So kind of, the break down of how, I’ll start a little bit with kind of, how things have been progressing and then what I am pushing for for 2018. So 2015 is so pretty much a side hustle, 2016 is when it went self employed. So pretty much went from a side hustle in to a job. 2017 really turned from a job to a business when brought Ben on middle of last year. And then 2018, now, with you coming on, Josh, I wanna turn 2018 in to the year that it becomes a brand. And I started a little bit towards the end of last year but that is my really ultimate goal in 2018 is to really solidify this as a brand that if a school needs earbuds, headphones, headphones with mics, any kind of color, anything like that, that they can find the products they want and then they know that if it’s something in that realm of things then they know where to go.

And that’s a big part of the 2018 but also the push is for other markets ’cause there’s been some order with hospitals, some with libraries, the biggest order on record was from a library in Florida before the hurricane, oddly enough. So using a lot of Facebook, been using a lot of my time to target Facebook ads just right to further grow that in those markets ’cause those are so ripe and untouched, I think, sales could just go right out the roof again this year by pushing in to those markets and continuing to push in to all the schools and everything like that. So that’s kind of the idea of it. One thing that came up towards the end of last year, this is not new to anybody that use or listens to my content, you dont know this, Josh, but towards the end of last year did a talk to a local business place that specializes in buying and selling businesses, ’cause I kind of on a whim wanted to get a feel for what the business was worth if I wanted to sell it, what might be able to fetch for it.

And it would’ve been a lot, it would’ve been easily enough for Karen and myself and the kids to live the rest of our lives in comfort. Decided not to go down that route because I, one, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. And two, I really just enjoy the building so much and the thrill of the kill and getting business stuff going and that’s why it kind of lead to some other things with that ’cause then what do we do? ‘Cause now I got two people who permeate out to other people, Josh is not engaged yet although I think she’s kind of waiting on a ring. And Ben’s got a wife and a son. And I got my wife and kids so a lot of mouths kind of tied to decisions that I would make in that field and I don’t want everybody to go all in and then a week later, oh I decided to sell the business. So that’s nothing that I have any inclination to do, at least for the foreseeable years coming up. ‘Cause I feel there’s so much to be gained. One, a bigger upside monetarily but two, and more importantly, get to build something of worth, of legacy, that can really have some kind of impact on people and that’s a lot of what’s going on with that. And certain things, this is all new ground for me, I never really, prior to May last year when Ben started I never pictured myself as, really, an employer. So I’ve kind of had to just adapt and learn along the way and honestly I think that’s probably the biggest trait of an entrepreneur, is not so much knowing everything but being willing to figure stuff out when the time comes. And you make mistakes, you learn, I made lots of mistakes.

And then sometimes I’ll do one thing and then a week later realize it was the wrong idea and then change it a whole different way. Ben, you’ve seen that a couple times. Try a different kind of packaging, bad idea so had to go a different way which is kind of part of the process, so I don’t know a whole lot about managing lots of people and I’ll be honest with that. So I’m just kind of going with the flow as best I can. I want both of you to be able to grow with the business as things go higher and get more revenue, more sales coming through. I want you guys to be able to grow with it. Ben had asked one time before, which I didn’t even know this is how some places operate, where he was wondering if I might’ve brought you on, Josh, to see which one of you is better at the job and then fire the one that’s least competent which to me sounds like a stupid idea. Not to ask the question but that some place would actually do that. But turns out that’s what people do. So that’s not my intention at all, I want you guys to grow. And the thing that, Ben has been here longer, knows more obviously and I’m not one that particularly values seniority on it’s own. I much more value what someone can contribute. In my mind, I value everything on how hard they are to replace. Because that’s what makes my life really easy or really hard. If I can walk out the door and stuff runs smoothly, that makes someone valuable.

If I have to walk out the door and things almost come to a halt, that makes someone less valuable. That’s just reality. So I don’t know exactly where the future of both of your roles are, I’m trying to get a feel for what you guys are good at, what you’re not as good at and try to tailor things as best as possible to play your strengths, put you in a position to succeed and really excel and I think it’s been going really well in that direction. Ben you’ve taken a lot of the day to day stuff on and that’s really been extremely helpful for when we travel or I got other stuff to do. Be able to run when I’m not here, obviously that’s a big thing and I want you, Josh, lots to learn on your first day, but to get a feel for a lot of that stuff, too. And over time I just want it to be stated clearly as best I can, on the record, for video and audio to live on forever that it primarily how I base someone’s pay and raises and things like that on is not seniority, it’s how much you’re able to contribute and, more importantly, how easy someone is to replace.

I heard when I was a kid someone said, if you can’t put your job description down on paper then you’re probably really valuable because you can’t really describe what it is you do. If I would think, okay, well what do I do then? That’s gonna be really hard, obviously that makes someone hard to replace, gives that person leverage ’cause if they walk out the door and I think, oh it’s gonna be horrible, then obviously that makes that person worth more versus someone that is easier to cross that bridge with. So you guys can know that’s really how I value, really how I will gauge pay and raises in the future, of course, and as the business grows and thrives I want you guys’ responsibilities and pay and benefits to grow along with it. That’s only fair ’cause I can’t do everything by myself, obviously, so I know that I have to rely on people to help out, pitch in and contribute in new and insightful ways.

But that’s kind of the vision for 2018, grow in to a brand, push in to libraries, push in to hospitals, get really good at, I’m already pretty good, but even better at targeting Facebook ads. Be able to really pinpoint and get those new customers in there and that’s kinda the, that’s the vision I have for 2018, kinda my spiel as HR as well as owner as far as employee stuff. So that being said, your first day, Josh, you’ve been here a little bit longer, Ben. You guys have any questions about anything? Or thoughts, comments? Putting you on the spot with the camera. Looking at each other, nope. Alright, well that concludes the first ever all hands meeting and look for more to come, I think. I’m a big believer, I don’t think it really accomplishes much to have a meeting for the sake of having a meeting ’cause it’d just waste time. But once in a while, not a bad idea. And especially for some quality content that I can put on the record for you guys as well as everyone else in the world to know about. That’s it for now.