Welcome to Car Talk. This is not talking about cars. This is talking inside of a car. Side note: This is episode 100 of Car Talk. so please go back on YouTube and Facebook and watch every single one. That being said, today’s talk is about potential and how it constantly evolves. It’s a big thing we teach our children and our adults about reaching your potential. You have so much potential, so much potential, reach your potential. I heard the other day, listening to Andy Frisella. Him and Gary Vee kinda the two business entrepreneurs I listen to and I follow in podcasting especially. Andy Frisella was talking about how potential is, it’s a sliding scale, a sliding scale, and I thought about that a lot. Right now, I make more money honestly than I ever thought I would, and that’s just reality.

I used to think I was gonna come really far, and now I’ve already surpassed where I thought I was gonna be at, so I’ve already gone past where I thought my potential was. Now, the thought of my payments, my income going up 5%, would already be exceeding my potential if that was a fixed thing. But the farther we go in life, our potential constantly evolves. It’s kinda like where’s the tip of your fingers at? No matter where you go, the tip of your fingers are always ahead of you because you can always go farther. There’s never a max to what you can do. Now that max might be really far. It might be just a little bit at a time. Sports analogy.

I might not ever play like LeBron James, even if I practice all day everyday, but I can continually get better. You have to remember that potential is a sliding scale. Potential does constantly move and change and evolve because there’s gonna come a time, and I bet every single person watching this, at some point, or listening, in your life, you have achieved something you did not think was possible. You went all in, you worked your butt off, and you realized that “Oh my God, I just achieved something “that I never thought I could do.” Everyone does that once in awhile, once in awhile, and that is an exact specific example in your particular life of this happening because when you exceed what you thought you could do, you realize your assessment of your potential was wrong.

Because if you had a top end, a top mark of what you thought you would do and you exceeded that, then you were wrong, and your potential was higher than you realized it was. Once you realize that and put that in your brain and process that, stew it around for a couple days, you will realize that you can apply that to every aspect of your life. Now if you’re inside of a company, if you’re working your own company, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you want to apply this to sports, business, golf, marriage, parenthood, whatever the case may be, you come to realize that you are capable of so much more than you realize. You might not ever be a top 1% in what it is you want to do, but you can continually improve and evolve and change because what you thought you could max out at is probably not what you’re gonna max out at if you really want to pursue and continue farther and further down your journey.

You need to remember potential is a sliding scale. It’s so true. I never thought about it until I heard it that way the other day. It it so incredibly true in my life, and I would guarantee in all of your lives as well because there have been times you thought had maxed out at a certain level, and then you surprised even yourself and you went farther than you thought you could go. That’s proof right there that potential is a sliding scale because every inch you go, you can always go one more inch. You might not go a mile, you might not go 20 miles, but you can always at least move an inch forward. There’s never gonna come a time where you can’t move one inch forward. When that time comes, you’re dead, and I hope you’ve gone as far as you wanted to go in life. But you can always go an inch farther, and you’d be surprised how much those little bits add up because your potential is constantly moving, changing, and evolving, and your potential is on a sliding scale. Car Talk, Tyler Douthitt.