Welcome to Car Talk, this is not talking about cars it’s talking inside of a car, today’s topic is about fueling the fire. I am the largest earbud seller in North America and a big majority of that revenue comes, in sales, comes from Amazon where I kind of dominate the bulk gear by market, but I have noticed in the last couple weeks a few competitors trying to sneak up on me and steal my thunder, steal my sales. And what that has done has intensely fueled my fire because I am competitive and I have realized, as a strong, strong trait in me, especially in business, and I might have been getting a little bit complacent on top and this is, this is fun for me. Because now I get to have a competition with somebody.

I get to out work, out institute, out perform this other, the other groups trying to steal my thunder and it feels really good and it’s really helped fuel me again, the fire of competition, the fire of business because now I’m pushing harder then ever to sales outside of Amazon. Facebook ads, email marketing, branding, the conference, all of these things to siphon as many sales as I can off of Amazon as well as the branding. So when someone scrolls through these listings there’s going to be one brand they might have heard of before the other brands, TFD Supplies because the other branding efforts that I’m doing along the way.

So I’ve learned that it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Probably have stolen a few sales here and there, like pin pricks kind of sales, but all that does is make me just want to slit somebody’s throat. So, in a good way, in a competition kind of way is that I am going to out perform them. And it just fuels me to want to execute, work hard, have the best ideas, the best products, the best service, the best selection and I think it’s a good thing. And everything everybody’s fueled by different things. Maybe it’s money, success, competition, all of the above, who knows but one thing that fuels me a lot, fuels my fire, is the thrill of competition because when I have a competitor that I want to do better than, I just want to demolish them to the ground and then piss on their ashes. So I can harness that into positive things because I’m not going to demolish them by tearing them down.

I am going to demolish them by making them seem so small and insignificant next to what I’ve done that they’re just going to throw in the towel and quit and feel ashamed for even trying. That’s what I’m going to do, that’s what fuels my fire. You got to find what fuels your fire. But for me the thought of competition, the thrill of the kill, those are probably what really drives me the most and I feel sorry for those people trying to infringe on my area because they’re going to feel sorry they ever tried. Car Talk, Tyler out.