Welcome to Car Talk, this is not talking about cars this is talking inside of a car. Today’s topic is about playing it through, now that might means different things to different folks. What that means to me, is looking at the long term cause and effect, long term impacts, positive and negative of decisions you make and of actions others take because doing that allows you to best put yourself in a position to succeed. And to think critically and to analyze things and wonder why is someone doing that? Why is someone not taking that action? Why is someone taking that action? It allows you to best capitalize and best take advantage of others actions and inaction because oftentimes people have a motive, almost always have a motive for what it is they do. And sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they do things without realizing the long term cause and effect of what they’re gonna do and this comes to mind because, took my kids to school today and they’re four and two, two and four little kids. And today was wear your favorite Christmas shirt to school day, sounds obvious enough, simple enough. But play it through, play it through, alright so they’re two and four and they are not gonna be the same size they were last year, so any favorite Christmas shirt is gonna be a shirt for this year, and it’s not Christmas yet, and most people only wear a Christmas shirt once or twice a year if that as an adult. So what would their favorite Christmas shirt be? It’s probably going to be a shirt that mommy or daddy had to go buy to wear for today. My wife, because she’s much more of a rule follower than I am, I would say why would you bother with that? Well but she likes to, and she’s a little more festive than I am, I guess that’s fair. But she had to go out and buy shirts for this, for today to wear as your favorite Christmas shirt because I guarantee you no two year old and no four year old has a favorite Christmas shirt.

They probably have a, they might have a Christmas shirt they might have two but I guarantee you this year and they might only have worn it maybe once probably not yet ’cause it’s really not that Christmas crunch time yet. And that’s how my mind works. Might sound weird to you guys because I analyze everything I look at why would someone do something, what is the long term affect of this? How does it actually play out when you play it through, when you play it through what happens? How does it play out? And when you start to wrap your mind around things in certain ways, when you start playing it through, play it out play it through you’re gonna realize so many things people want you to do don’t make any sense, so many things people want you to do are there to take advantage of you. They’re to take advantage of you when you don’t play things through. So you need to do that in everything in life really. Don’t take things at face value, don’t assume ’cause something has always been done a certain way that, that is the way it needs to be done in the future. Don’t assume that just because someone said you should do something a certain way means that’s the way it needs to be done, there are laws, there are things that keep people safe, I’m not saying go break laws. But I’m saying is don’t have a huge regard for the rules just for the sake of the rules, because the biggest most successful people in history have had a blatant disregard for the rules. Entrepreneurs have a blatant disregard for the rules of how things have been done because they find holes, they find angles, they play things through and find better ways, different ways to do things outside of the lines, not inside of the lines. Every level I inch up on my journey as an entrepreneur, I get a lower, lower, lower regard for the rules.

For the way things should be done, for the way, oh it’s always been that way, oh it’s how we always do it, that’s the way it should be done. I have less regard for that every single day, and interestingly enough the less I care about rules the more successful I become. The less I care about rules the happier I become. The less I care about rules the more happy my family becomes. Think about that for a second, the less I follow rules, the less I care about rules and just follow my gut and what I think is right and wrong everything changes. I become happier, I become more successful, I make more money, my wife becomes happier, my kids become happier all because I am happier. So am I a rule follower? No I don’t really care about the rules, I care enough about laws because I don’t want to go to jail. I care enough about right and wrong, I always do the right thing, but here’s the thing, the rules don’t always go along with what the right thing is. The rules go along with what someone else tells you is the right thing which they might not know exactly what’s right and wrong or much more likely they have an angle to play out, probably money/power/control over what they think the rules should be. And rules are great, they have a system, we tell our kids to get in line, follow the rules, do what you’re told and as you get to be an adult, that becomes something that hinders you, so don’t always follow the rules. Don’t blindly follow rules, some rules make sense some make zero sense whatsoever. So think critically about things, play things through, don’t realize that– realize that not everything is clear cut, the way things should be done. Because there’s different interpretations of the way things should be done and when you start thinking about the angles, the ups the downs, the long term impacts of decisions you make and choices other people make it allows you to best take advantage of situations. And that, my friends, is playing it through, Car Talk Tyler Douthitt.