Welcome to Car Talk. This is not talking about cars. This is talking inside of a car. Today’s topic is about bein’ resilient. Bein’ resilient, what does that mean to me? What that means to me, is once in a while life is gonna punch you in the face. Once in a while, life is gonna knock you down to the ground. Once in a while life is gonna hand you a big steamy pile of shit, that you have to deal with in some way or another. And no one is immune to this. Business owners, entrepreneurs, sports players, celebrities, no one is immune to this. This happens to everyone once in a while. Some more than others, yes, but it happens to everybody.

And you have two distinct choices when life hands you a bag of dog feces, or punches you right in the jaw. You can either whine, complain, cry about it, post on Instagram, “Oh everybody hates me. “My life sucks!” Post on Facebook, “Oh everybody hates me. “My life sucks!” Or, you pick up, dust yourself off, learn and keep moving. Those are your only two choices. There’s no middle ground, there’s no half-pregnant on that. You can only decide what to do. So, we all get punched in the face once in a while. You make a mistake in business. You make a mistake in life, in parenting, you get a sick kid, you get a sick spouse, a sick parent, these things happen.

And yes, they suck, and I’m very empathetic to that. At the same time, you only have two choices, which is to cuddle up into a ball and complain and whine, and not live anymore, or you live, learn, get up again, dust yourself off, spit some blood out of your mouth, and keep goin’. There’s no third choice. So next time life hands you a bunch of lemons, do what the old phrase says, make some lemonade. Because trust me, everyone is gonna get some crap handed their way once in a while through no control of their own. What they are in control and what you are in control in, what you are in control of, and everyone is in control of is how you react when that situation comes your way.

You can cry, you can post it all over Facebook, “Oh, I’m so sad. “I’m so sad.” And that’s fine, you can be sad, it’s part of a cycle of grief, I get that. At the same time though and go so long, and sooner or later, you gotta pick yourself up and move on. You gotta move on once in a while. All you can do is live and learn. And when I think about parenting, and my wife and I raising our two beautiful young children right now, that’s one of the things that I really want to instill in them, is that yes, life’s gonna suck sometimes. People are gonna be mean, things are gonna fail. You are gonna get knocked on your ass once in a while. It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen. It is inevitable. It will happen to you once in a while. When, not if, when that happens what do you do? The movie, Trolls, which my daughter as many young kids go through, went through a phase of loving that movie for about a month.

It was like twice a day for a month, and she got tired of it, as they do, but there’s a song in that movie, called Get Back Up Again, and that one stood out to me. I was really glad to hear that message in a movie that little kids watch, and she wanted to hear that song on repeat. Guess what, I was glad to put that on repeat one, on Spotify, because what better message could I send to my little girl, and my son when he’s older and understand a little bit more, than when you get knocked down, get back up again. And it’s so simple, but it’s difficult to do, but you can choose. You can choose. When you get knocked down, what are you gonna choose to do? Are you gonna lay there and call it quits, or are going to get back up again? Car Talk, Tyler Douthitt.