Welcome to Car Talk, this is not talking about cars this is talking inside of a car. Today’s topics is abut how I plan to turn TFD Supplies into a brand. For a while as the business was growing and selling more and more earbuds that was going really well. Money’s good, business is good. However I’ve always been worried that it is kind of a commodity and how am I going to distinguish that from someone else? Because if someone, if they’re shopping on price alone I don’t want them to just switch somewhere else. So then how do you, how do you achieve that? And I think the main thing is to convert it into a brand and that’s my goal for 2018 is to convert TFD Supplies into a brand versus a product. To go down that path I’ve started several things. One, defining and outlining and making clear as day some core values for the company.

What it is the business stands for, core values that I will hire and fire by and that I will live my own personal life by all the time and I want employees also do the exact same thing. And things regarding customer service, getting better, working hard, all these things that apply to life in general, which I can also apply to the business as the core values that I would hire, will hire and fire by as the business changes and evolves over time. So it stands for something as a brand. And then I think it’s not that much further of a thing, I’ll probably convert that into a book. You could get a self-printed book done pretty quickly and easily. But once I have, it’s probably gonna be I’m guessing nine, nine core values. And then a few, maybe a five page exposition on each thing. Get 1,000 copies printed. Send it with every customer, every order. Hitting the margins a little bit along the way but I think the branding will really go a long way so people know what kind of company it is they’re buying from to help make an emotional connection versus simply a commodity purchase. Like you if you need a gallon of milk you just go where the gallon of milk is the cheapest let’s be honest. So that’s one.

Step two I am expanding noticeably the offerings of the business. So it was earbuds for a while and 12 colors, So I don’t expect any more colors to come in. So the 12 colors, colors of ear buds. I’m also pioneering into a new area of a hard shell case which I talked a lot about on the vlog the TD Grind. So I’m also pushing into that because everybody has earbuds. You can find earbuds lots of places. The pricing, selection, and service is what sets us apart let’s be honest. But it is a commodity. So I’m also pushing into a new area of the hard shell case as an option. And that’s something, so reusable, go in the backpack, you’ll have a case it already comes with to keep it safe for travel, for reusing and things like this, switched into that. That’s been a big undertaking. Pushing into the headphone market. I’ve already had good success on selling some of the headphones that already came in. Headphones with mics. Because I wanted to grow into a brand so if someone needs anything in the realm, headphones, earbuds, headphones with mics, different color options, anything in that whole arena, I want them to know that TFD Supplies is the place to go. And in the part I mentioned earlier is why they would come here. Not only is it a fantastic price, not only are they gonna get the best service they’ve had in a line from anywhere, but they’re gonna be able to make an emotional connection. What it is we stand for, that we are a U.S. based company, that I am an entrepreneur, that I do feed my family with this, that I do care about every customer. Every customer and I will treat every customer as good as I would treat my own family on every transaction. Above and beyond every time, impress the customer.

So these are my main two plans of attack. And I think later one it’s kind of in the back of mind I could probably use this, the core value book to maybe turn that and be into some speaking stuff later on down the road maybe, maybe. It’s kind of a, it gives a platform to grow on that. With ideas already built in to talk about, why I did it and stuff like that. So that’s in the back of my mind as this might be a spring board to that. But that is very much secondary to putting that out there and putting a product every order for a while to, you can get a book printed for like two or three dollars self printed. Eats into the margins a little bit but I think as far as the branding of the business the branding, marketing is gonna be a smart move because it will help people make an emotional connection to the business versus a price commodity purchase which is I’ll be, I’m honest with myself. Right now that’s a big part of it. The pricing is great. They can get stuff through me that they can’t get other places. And at prices they can’t get other places. So yes that’s a, it’s a, it’s a niche. I don’t niche, I say niche. But that’s only gonna last so long and I wanna continue to grow. I’ve already made mostly enough money to be fine, so I’m not worried about that anymore but I really enjoy the thrill of the climb and growing something. And that’s what I’m doing right now. So that’s, my plan for and the larger selection of products. And continue to try to have an emotional connection with customers versus a purely price point commodity option.

Because when they are presented with some other option there might be a lower price. What’s gonna make them stick with TFD Supplies versus simply going for a lower price? Is it gonna be the service they’re gonna get? I want it to be the service. Is it gonna be the selection, yes. But they’re also gonna know what it is we stand for as a business, what I stand for as a person. And then I can use that because this business is a part of me, it’s kind of like my third child. It represents a lot, it’s got my initials on it. So how it is this business shows the things is a very important piece of my heart. Whenever I get a negative feedback once in a while it hurts. It’s like a, it’s like a cut every time it happens and I hate it because I wanna be perfect every single time. And I know whenever I’m not perfect I have failed somebody, myself the biggest person that I’ve failed. And I don’t like failing myself. I want perfection every time. It doesn’t happen but that’s I strive for is perfection every time. And that’s how I’m gonna turn TFD Supplies into a brand in 2018 not a commodity. Car talk, Tyler Douthitt.