Talent + hard work is a powerful combination

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If you play a lot of basketball, are you to become LeBron James? Probably not. We can only go so far with our talent. You can practice hard. You can practice, practice, practice, work, take classes and all of these things but you’re never gonna go from a one to a 10. You might go from a one to a two or a one to a three with a lot of hard work and practice but you’re only gonna go so far on your talent. People are good at all different kinds of things. I’m good at a few things and I suck at a lot of things and I think that’s true for most people.

So your talent could only get you so far ’cause I’ll never play like LeBron no matter what I do. What you can do is realize there’s no real limit to how hard you can work because you can output lots and lots and lots of work if you put in the time but that’s all it is, time, time, time and work and instead of slacking, instead of leisure, instead of other parts of your life. You might not want that, you might want that. Whatever the case is, that’s totally up to you but the fact of the matter is that you can only take it a couple of notches with talent but you can really go unlimited relatively speaking with the amount of work you’re trying to put into something and you can almost will something to existence if you’re willing to put in the countless days, months, years to make something happen.

That might not be the best use of your time but it might be the only way to make something happen that you really want to happen. So never forget, talent can be notched up a little bit but the output you can create from hard work is virtually limitless.