I have several companies that I own and have interests in.  I hold them through my company Tyler Douthitt Holdings, Inc.  

The most notable part of my companies is TFD Supplies.  Through TFD Supplies I have become the king of earbuds.  TFD Supplies is the largest earbud seller on Amazon.   It also has a rapidly growing share of the earbud market through school purchasing. TFD Supplies is owned by TFD Unlimited LLC which is fully owned by Tyler Douthitt Holdings, Inc.

My brother in law flips houses through his company, Three Ring Properties.  I provide a line of credit to them to earn a return.  I used to be more active on it now, but now pretty much just loan money secured against the future sale.

I have also been actively acquiring intellectual property – primarily from songwriters.  The investment is quite appealing to me as it is not stock market based and works quite independently.

I’m using my various areas of business to grow and push my personal brand.  I’m attempting to document my entrepreneurial journey and provide value to anyone that chooses to consume my content.