My philosophy is simple


Think more, harder, and better than others.  This allows you to have a competitive edge in ways you can only imagine.  Hard work is immensely important.  But it is more effecient  to work smarter instead of harder.


You need to outwork – everyone.  Titans of industry are not created by working 9-5 jobs.  That is reality.  Perhaps you don’t want to be a titan of industry.  That is good.  Be you. Don’t let me or anyone else get in your way.  But if you want to get ahead, start a business, get a promotion, get the girl (or boy).  Outwork.  Work harder than the next person.


You have to define what it is that success means to you.  It is money? Job? Business? Revenue?  Downloads? App installs? Followers?  Once you define what it is you really want, work your ass off for it.  No excuses.  Get it done.  The world is not out to get you or do you any favors.  You are 100% in control of your success or failures.